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What's So Special About Leisure Freight & Import? Here are 15 Reasons why our customers keep coming back and continually refer us to their friends and families.

1. We walk the talk! We have imported boats as owners ourselves - so we know what you care about when you import your boat! See our latest boat - click here to view our 2006 Glacier Bay 3480 Ocean Runner "Party Ice" - purchased from Los Angeles.

2. We genuinely rebate the cost of your Marine Survey back to you from your freight costs when you choose Leisure Freight and Import as your freight and import service provider! Why? So that you know what you are buying up front with a genuine market value from our independent network of Fully Qualified and Certified Marine Surveyors and Marine Mechanics from the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) and the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS). This document ensures your boat is seaworthy - a condition of carriage - gives you peace of mind, and also provides us with all the information we require to import your boat as well as establishing the condition of your boat for insurance purposes.

3. We also offer FREE unlimited Boat History Reports on USA Boats while you are looking. Just contact us with the HIN number and we will provide this to you with no obligation or cost. Tip: "bristol" is not only a south western city of England, it also means "in first class condition" - a marine survey can confirm if this is an accurate description of the boat you are considering.

4. Having trouble finding your boat?
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5. Real Time Tracking!
You are provided with access to our secure customer service portal to track the progress of your boat in real time at each stage of the importing and shipping process including tracking the ship your boat is travelling on!

6. We do not load up the cost of American boats to make an excessive profit and try and sell them to you, nor do we receive a commission from American Boat Dealers or Brokers, you buy your boat directly from the dealer of your choice at at a price you negotiate with the them. We just freight and import it for you! This means YOU get the benefit of the savings direct from the Dealer. We are happy to assist you with your negotiations and can generally provide you with market information to help you make a reasonable offer and get the best deal on your boat.

We specialise is assisting private buyers of quality American made boats to freight and Import their boat successfully to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. We genuinely ship out of all Ports in the USA, we don't move your boat to Savannah unless you want us to, we genuinely clean, prep and fumigate your boat to destination country specifications to ensure you don't incur additional costs in Australia, New Zealand or South East Asia. We also ship out of the UK to Australia.

7. Marine Cargo Transit Insurance is included in our quotes, we don't send you to a broker for an expensive one-off policy. Your coverage is from collection of your boat from the US Dealer to the Delivery location you specify.

8. No catches! We know you are more often than not - in Australia - and not in the USA. We do not hide critical terms and conditions in our quotes such as "cleaning being your responsibility" in unreadable fineprint, so you get hit with extra costs and delays at your destination port. We clean and prep your boat to destination country Quarantine specifications. We won't leave you stranded at the Destination Port.

View some photos of the condition our customers boats leave the USA, cleaned and fumigated to AQIS specification to ensure you don't have any additional costs and delays once your boat arrives, ready for you to step on board and take her home. Labour rates in the USA are much lower than Australia. This just makes sense....

1999 53 Navigator Classic Flybridge Motor Yacht "Sebim"

9. We import in our company name, not yours, to ensure that your boat, freight, GST and all outgoings are covered by our Marine Cargo Transit and Public Liability insurances and that any issues that arise are managed by us, rather than being left to you. We understand our buying power and continuous freighting and importing of boats puts us in a better bargaining position with suppliers to ensure you get looked after from a position of strength and so should you. If your importer wants to import your boat in your name, this means all issues at the Destination Port will be your problem - not theirs.

10. Proceed with caution if your importer demands 100% payment of your quoted GST and costs up front - Customs and AQIS costs are only payable in the week prior to your boat arriving. With regard to GST - the currency exchange rate is calculated on the day your boat leaves the USA, so your provider cannot know what this will be until a week after the ship your boat is on leaves the origin Port. GST exchange rates are calculated by Australian Customs being "converted into Australian currency at the rate of exchange prevailing on the day of export of the goods (not the day the goods arrive in Australia). This rate is specified by the CEO of Customs (section 161J of the Customs Act 1901)". Click on the following link to view the rates http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4277.asp

11. Leisure Freight & Import Pty Ltd is a registered Australian private company ACN 423 105 375, ABN 79 423 105 375 and as such has all of the legal and reporting obligations required to run a successful company in Australia. We also work under Powers of Attorney with American Freight and Logistics providers to act on our behalf ensuring we negotiate the best possible freight rates. This means we not only have legal obligations in Australia, but also in the United States of America. These arrangements are only available to Australian companies that can demonstrate sound business operations, industry capabilities, financial stability and ethical business practice. Ask your provider if they have these arrangements in America.

12. We do your paperwork for your Vehicle Import Permit, we are the only Australian boat importer with RVCS Licenciing for trailers in Australia, we ensure you bring in an Australian specification trailer, we are the Australian USAMagic Tilt Trailer Dealers and can also arrange a trade on your American traile rin the USA or the modifications to your US trailer in Australia to ADR Rules and we provide the VIN Plate under licence for registration. We also secure your correct AUSFTA preferential tariff claim paperwork from the USA boat factory as part of our service delivery to you, so you can claim your import duty waiver and import your boat, trailer or vehicle successfully. A signed document from the boat dealer is not sufficient to claim the exemption should you be audited by Australian Customs up to 4 years after you bring your boat and trailer in.

13. We come from the freight, logistics, boating and import industries and only use professional service providers in all facets our our service provision to you.

14. This also means we will organise the best possible freight configuration to get your boat home without unecessary costs and we use a number of shippers to achieve this which ensures we provide you with competitive rates. Different shipping lines service different ports and none of their rates are the same.

14. Currency Exchange at the best possible rates and low or no fees and assistance with deposits and negotiating. Call us to discuss your requirements.

15. Finally, don't take our word for it, click here to read what our customers have to say about their experience with Leisure Freight & Import!

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